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Infrared Imaging
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Tampa, Miami, Palm Beach, Delray Beach TEL : Orlando: (407)-385-4103 Tampa: (813)-398-5383 Palm beach: (561)-372-6927 FAX : Structural Engineers Florida, Forensic Engineers Florida, Forensic engineers, Structural Engineers Orlando, structural engineers Tampa, Forensic Engineers Orlando, infrared inspectors, infrared inspections florida, thermal imaging florida.
EMA have extensive structural experience  design of residential as well as
commercial, industrial, warehouses, & mid rise buildings including condos, and office
buildings. Structural Engineering is specializing in the design of buildings, framework
and other similar load-supporting structures so they can safely resist the forces to
which they are subjected to.
When designing a structure to serve a specified function for public use, EMA accounts for the
safety, esthetics and serviceability while taking into consideration economic or physical
constraints. We utilize the latest up-to-date structural engineering software available to arrive at the optimum structural design solutions.
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We provide a full range of structural engineering services including:

• The structural engineering design of Residential Homes, Commercial and Office Buildings

• structural Damage estimation & Repair of Existing Structures

Including Concrete and Wood Frame Restoration

• Technical Specifications and Protocols

• Structural Diagnostic Evaluation

• Plans and Peer Review


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